Medical treatments

The facilities of our medical treatment department is made complete by the thermal water pool that you can find in the wellness area on the ground floor.

The thermal water comes from thermal well No K-343 OKK of Cegled which is officially examined and authorized to be used for medical purposes.

Surface area of the pool: 34 sq. m, water temperature 34-36°C, depth 0.9 m


Bathing in the thermal water pool is recommended in the following cases (indications):

  • spinal and joint diseases involving attrition
  • osteoporosis
  • Chronic diseases caused by attrition of the joints
  • Rheumatic diseases
  • intervertebral disk diseases
  • Rehabilitation (after accidents or orthopedic operations)
  • gout
  • Stress, fatigue, muscle pains
  • statical problems, poise irregularities
  • lack of exercise

Cegléd thermal water composition
Potassium 4.0 mg / l
Sodium 590.0 mg / l
Ammonium 7.2 mg / l
Calcium 6.3 mg / l
Magnesium 1.0 mg / l
Iron 0.12 mg / l
Lithium 0.04 mg / l
Total cations 609 mg / l
Metaboric acid 14 mg / l
Silicic acid 36 mg / l
Free carbonic acid 20.9 mg / l
Chloride 400 mg / l
Bromide 1.11 mg / l
Iodide 1.0 mg / l
Fluoride 1.15 mg / l
Bicarbonate 980 mg / l
Phosphate (all) 0.39 mg / l
Total anions 1,384 mg / l

Bathing in the thermal water pool is NOT recommended in the following cases (contraindications):

  • acute joint and other inflammations
  • illnesses with fever
  • infectious skin diseases
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • MI
  • phlebitis
  • Illnesses with increased hemophilia
  • malignant cancer disease
  • pregnancy
  • fresh trauma
  • an unstable mental state
  • fresh brain events
  • osteoporosis

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