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Wellness & Spa facilities

Wellness & Spa facilities (5 pieces)
Luxory hydromassage
In the Luxury bath the water and air jets mix, this way creating bubbles, the pulsating whirlpool massage has a special refreshing effect. 20 minutes.
2 500 Ft
/20 minutes
SPA-Dermalife Infracapsule
Its main aim is shape forming and the decrease of cellulite, in addition it has the following beneficiary effects: losing weight, reducing toxic substances, relieving stress, anti-aging, reducing pain, improving health and energizing. 30 minutes.
3 400 Ft
/30 minutes
Vichy shower
It is a vitalizing shower for the whole body, which stimulates blood circulation, increases the entry of oxygen resulting in eliminating metabolic waste and toxins of the inner organs and the skin. 20 minutes.
2 100 Ft
/20 minutes
6 minutes
600 Ft
/6 minutes
Leg massage machine
It moves leg muscles and improve local circulation. 10 minutes.
500 Ft
/10 minutes

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