Conference and training

Make the moments of active relaxation unforgettable for your coworkers.

Please choose from the following indoor or outdoor activities, team building programs and we guarantee having a good time:

  • adventure travel and orienteering
  • paintball
  • archery
  • laser battle
  • off-road programs
  • climbing wall
  • mysterious tasks

Why do companies invest less and less money in organizing events nowadays?

The main cause is cautiousness because of the current economic situation.
However it does not always pay off to reduce all kinds of cost.
It gives you an edge if you have a good working team. You can have better workforce without employing any further workers.

Forming a good working team takes time. You do need trainings. Your current team's creative problem solving ability, efficient communication and tolerance should be developed.

And that is where we come into the picture...

Where do your colleagues have a better time? In a dark hidden room without anything to eat or drink or anybody to take care of you, having no initiative to concentrate or in a modern four-star hotel where you get perfect pampering together with delicious foods and drinks in addition to wellness facilities where the surroundings are quiet and stress free, far away from all the problems of the world?

Make your enquiry without any obligations.

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